May 19, 2013- Music on Pentecost, Hohenwald, TN 1-6PM


UPDATE: Schedule has solidified. The musicians performing, other than me, are Mark Ashley, Jerry Meadows, Allison Root Tribe (Tim Lawson and Friends), Shane Avery, and MadHag Come Moan (Toni Hinson). I will be backed by Sarah Brafford for at least one set. There are also a few musicians who are "maybes." Stage times are at bottom of this post... I will also be trying to capture audio and video.


I will be performing music May 19, 2013 at the gazebo in downtown hohenwald. (click for directions) Other musicians will be involved. The show will start around 1 PM, and go until 6, and possibly later depending on how many people are spectating and on how many other musicians come alongside. It is free. There is a grassy area so bring lawn chairs if you want to sit and food and beverages if you want to eat and drink. Come on out and enjoy the music!


Stage times follow:

1:00-1:25 PM- Peter Dickson and the Missing Pieces-(25 min set)
1:30-2:00 PM- Mark Ashley (30 minute set)
2:05-2:50 PM- Jerry Meadows (45 minute set)
3:00-4:00 PM- Allison Root Tribe (Tim Lawson and Friends) (1 hr set)
4:10-4:50 PM- Shane Avery (40 minute set)
5:00-5:30 PM- Mad Hag Come Moan (Toni Hinson and Jeff Green) (30 minute set)
5:35 PM- 6PM- Peter Dickson and the Missing Pieces (25 minute set)



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