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The Songs From Nowhere Project is the red-headed stepchild of Peter Dickson (me!) a singer/songwriter/musician currently based out of Hohenwald, TN. It originally began in spring of 2010 as a personal challenge to record and immediately post one song a week, in one session only per song, using the instruments and equipment available at the time.

The project has changed some. There is no longer a self-imposed time limit, but the same unpremeditated found object and live recording approaches are still present. There have been some people who have come alongside and been part of the journey.

This site exists as a medium to share my music, and as a form of outreach to encourage and help others create and share what is important to them. It is also a more centralized and user friendly way for people to keep tabs on the live shows. Basically, a designated landing pad so people can connect easier.

All music is given away free. To listen to it or download, check out the Music tab, or the Soundcloud player in the right column.

Contact me if you have any questions about anything! 

Thanks for listening!


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The Songs From Nowhere project is not operated as a business. Although some items are for sale all content is given away for free. There are costs associated with producing and disseminating free content. Financial assistance in any amount would be greatly appreciated.