Songs From Nowhere (Volume Five: The Ballad of the Golden Eagle) (2015)

The first fully produced album in years, with some really strong writing too. Has live recorded guitar/vocal core, with bass, cello, melodica, etc



Songs From Nowhere (Volume Four: The Day My Love Went Down) (2014)


Another set of live recorded basement tracks (one song had some minimal synth added) during yet another turbulent period. 


Songs From Nowhere (Volume Three: Worth Hoping For) (2013)


Songs written and recorded in the middle of nowhere in a basement by Peter Dickson. Everything on this album is live recorded with one mic. Most of it is acoustic guitar or harmonica with vocals, one song is banjo with vocals. Enjoy, there are some really good songs!


Dispatches From Nowhere: The Music of Catharine Hess (2013)


Songs written by Catharine Hess. All lyrics written by Catharine Hess. Music written and performed by Peter Dickson. Live scratch recordings done in various locations. All proceeds from sale go to Catharine Hess. c. 2013 Catharine Hess and Peter Dickson, All Rights Reserved


Songs From Nowhere (Volume Two: The Only Way to Build is to Tear Down) (2012)


Songs written during a turbulent period. Recorded at Naesmos Kayak Cove Kayak shack. Multitrack recording, using guitars, found percussion, and an analog synth. Zack McCarter cowrote lyrics for the title track and played lead guitar on Breakdown Sunrise, otherwise written and performed by Peter Dickson.


Rite of Copy (2013)


Scratch recordings done for copyright purposes prior to recording of Volume 2. This occured in summer 2012, they were released in spring of 2013. Some of the material is really old- some of the songs on “Early Days” were written in 2004 and 2005.


Songs From Nowhere (Volume One: Westbound Train) (2011)


First album. A lot of experimentation was going on during the recording process. Some very solid songs are here.


Discography, up to the present.  There are some songs missing, notably the "Nowhere Advent Project" which has yet to be released anywhere other than this site. You can get it here, at the old downloads page.


All recordings, including live recordings, are posted on Alonetone as they are created (RSS feed to subscribe), and most of the home recordings are posted onSoundcloud. (you can listen in right column)

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