The Elefountain Prototype: Stage Two (wiring the trigger)


This is the second video in the elefountain project (first video here). For those of you new to the project, this series documents the creation of the prototype for a foot-pedal activated water fountain that will allow elephants with trunk paralysis to drink without human help.


Elephants with partial or complete trunk paralysis are, in captivity, dependent on human beings in order to drink water- a human has to either throw them or hand them a garden hose. This invention would change that, by allowing such animals the ability to step on a foot pedal and drink whenever they want to.


I'm putting up the videos to raise awareness of the idea so hopefully one of the organizations that has animals with trunk paralysis (including my former employer the Elephant Sanctuary- Sissy and Liz have partial trunk paralysis) will build something like my idea to help their animals.


There's no money in this for me- but if you want to kick a few bucks my way to defray the material cost there's a donate tab at the top.


This video ends with a failure- so did the Empire Strikes Back.  Such things can be overcome. The next video goes up in a week.


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