The Only Way to Build is to Tear Down is out!


The album is finally complete! You can listen to (and buy if you like it!) it here, or click the cover above to go to the Bandcamp site!


Here is some information about the album, from the Bandcamp site:


The second album in the "Songs From Nowhere" project, "Volume 2" goes in a slightly different direction both musically and lyrically. Each song was recorded live (guitar and vocals recorded at the same time) and then other instruments were layered over top of that core track. The presence of keyboard and percussion give "The Only Way to Build is to Tear Down" a different feel. 

Immediately following the release of "Volume 1," there was a six month period in which almost nothing was written. These songs, essentially, are about the aftermath of the chaotic life change events that had happened previously. About rebuilding, healing, and redemption- dealing with stuff and moving on. 
Another change is the presence of others on the recordings. Zack McCarter supplied a decent chunk of lyrics for the song "The Only Way to Build is to Tear Down," and plays lead guitar on "Breakdown Sunrise." 

Two of the songs, tracks 10 and 13, are featured on the soundtrack for the independent film "Killing Cavendish." Because of this, everyone who buys that movie's soundtrack will get this album for free, (message me on Facebook or through website if this is you) and every time someone buys this two dollars will go to the film fund (to fund making the movie). 

As a bonus, enclosed with this album are digital files of the artwork for the inserts and back cover, which are handwritten and contain a message about the album, and thank yous to as many people as I could remember. 

The music is strong. Thanks for listening!


I guess I will say more than that here- because I can. For starters- it would be impossible to overstate the influence of my friends upon this piece of work.

insert1350In particular... Zack McCarter and Michael Thomas Daniel (who for some inexplicable reason isn't in the thank yous) deserve shout outs here. They both DIRECTLY contributed to the creation of individual songs- Zack wrote the first verse of "The Only Way to Build is to Tear Down" (more than that, the concept was his so the song would not have happened had he not chose to share it with me). And MTD- I wrote "The Road Brings Clarity" for his screenplay soon to be a movie "Killing Cavendish"- the lyrics are a loose plot synopsis. So that song would not have existed were it not for him writing something that good. 


Zack also played the lead guitar on one of the versions of "Breakdown Sunrise" (and yes- he wrote his own part!)


The other people are mostly credited in the liner notes... I'm sure I forgot people- but I tried to weight it toward those who factored in the creative process directly, or contributed financially (through the "Rite of Copy" Kickstarter). I think Toni Hinson and Jeff Greene (fellow musicians and friends) deserve credit here as well. Most of the album was recorded in the Kayak Shack- where I lived this summer. Also, "I Won't Kneel" was written at Many Cedars on one of their instruments- a six string banjo.



The album was recorded the same way as normal, but with different instruments. I didn't have an inbindi or lap steel this time- but I had a Roland Juno 106 analog synth, which I used for almost every song. The recording quality is higher on this album than the last- I have more experience and have gotten better at it. The percussion is all found objects- except for a tamborine I got from a friend of mine- who is in the liner notes, but not for that... 


There's more electric guitar. I pushed my voice further than I've ever done. And, with the help of some friends- I held myself to a higher standard. 


I think it turned out incredibly well. Check it out. Give it a listen or three. And if you like the music and feel like supporting me (and Zack, and MTD, both of whom will receive money for each album I sell) financially- buy it.


An interesting thing about it- less than two weeks after completion of the mastering, my ten year old audio interface broke. As the ten year old head phones broke after the completion of the last one! It's not a bad pattern, and it dictates my recording philosophy for the next one (already in the works...)!


Anyway, thanks for your interest and support! I hope you like it! Go check it out!




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