Open Mic @Mustangs Bar and Grill in Nashville! 8 PM, this Monday the 15th of July (I host this week)

Lori Brewer and I will be hosting an open mic this coming Monday (July 15) at Mustangs Bar and Grill in Nashville.
The actual address is 2504 Dickerson Pike (click for a google map). It's near the Trinity Lane Love's truckstop.
We hosted this event two weeks ago in order to fill in and keep it going. There was a lot of miscommunications and bad information being passed around, and I wasn't able to promote it much, or in advance. I also thought (wrongly) that the day would change after that night. Too loose. Now we know a bit more about what will actually happen.
It's a decent place. Decent amount of people were there last time- a good crowd to play for also.
I run it in a similar way to the City Cafe open mic. Stage is wide open. I'll impose structure only if there's a lot of people there... otherwise you talk to me and I get you on stage. Originals and covers are both acceptable.
Hope to see you there!

Open means open! If you show up I will personally drag you onstage. The event (loosely) goes from 8 to 12. Hope to see you there!