The Elefountain Prototype: Intro, Stage One

So, this is the first video in a series of videos. In my time at TES I worked with an elephant named Sissy, who had partial trunk paralysis. Another elephant there, named Liz, has the same condition. A lot of elephants have it. With Sissy and Liz, for them to drink water we had to throw them a garden hose. After I left the Elephant Sanctuary, I came up with a way for them to drink without human help- a foot pedal operated water fountain. My idea was to build a prototype out of wood to show that it worked, document the project, put up video serially until I had proof of concept, and then try and get the Sanctuary and other groups to implement a modification of my design, hopefully with your help.


I put in a bit of my own money- if you want to help me recoup costs, there's a donate button but only use that if you really want to.


The videos will go up serially. The device is built already but the video needs to be edited and posted. I'm probably going to put up one a week. By then I will be done working out of state and maybe I'll be ready to start approaching people about making getting them to make one of these for real (out of steel, tailored to a specific installation, etc) 


Please share the video as widely as possible. If it becomes general knowledge that something like this (not my exact design, but an implementation of the idea) can be done to help these elephants, it makes it more likely someone will, because the cost is minimal and they aren't that hard to build. Thanks!


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